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Script Development


Playwriting is a vulnerable pursuit. We spend months, even years, pouring ourselves into our material. After so much personal investment, the prospect of circulating our scripts can be intimidating, even petrifying. But often, sharing our work is the only thing that can inspire us to keep making it. 


I am always excited to read musicals and plays that are in development, regardless of whether the playwright is emerging or established. And because I have extensive experience in the new play process as both a director and writer, I know how valuable it is to receive thoughtful feedback. If... 


  • You're looking for feedback on specific plot elements or characters.

  • You'd like advice on putting together a developmental reading of your play.

  • You're seeking a director for an upcoming reading, or you think we might be a good collaborative fit for a project.

  • You'd simply like an attentive reader.


I'd be happy to give my thoughts as my availability allows. I'd love to hear from you, so please reach out if you'd like to share your work. 

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