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Allison Benko is a director, writer, and educator based in Brooklyn. As an artist, Allison is fascinated by the influence of the past on the present. She loves fresh interpretations of classic plays and operas, and she is passionate about recovering female stories from history that have otherwise been forgotten or erased. A playwright herself, she also has extensive experience in the development of new work. As an educator, she places a dual emphasis on technical precision and freedom of expression. She has taught public speaking, playwriting, and dramatic interpretation in classrooms from rural Vermont to Shanghai, and regularly coaches auditions in New York City.


Allison is committed to the preservation of endangered forms of world puppetry. She has a particular interest in South Asian puppet work, having studied marionettes with the Kathputli Colony in Rajasthan, and ritualistic shadow puppetry with senior government fellowship holder Ramachandran Pulavar at the Tholpavakoothu Puppet Centre in Kerala. She is a member of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab, and holds a B.A. in Drama from Tufts University. 


Allison is always excited by the opportunity to work with new collaborators on innovative material. Whether you would like to discuss an upcoming project, seek out Allison's coaching services, or simply get a cup of coffee, you are invited to drop a line on the contact button at the bottom of the page!  




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